Well I am not 30. I am 28. However looking back on some of my goals that I made for myself right out of highschool, I am not on track. I did graduate college, however that is really the only goal I set that I really acomplished. I have 2 years until I turn 30. I have decided that if I turn 30 and I am at the same point that I am now, I will be joining the peace corps. If I end up getting married and have children, then obviously I will have other obligations. However if I am single and childless, my bags a packed. Now by joining the peace corps, I do not expect that my life will turn around and I will have figured out what life is all about. However I feel that when I turn 60 and I am looking back on my life, I will be much happier knowing I traveled the world more and made a difference in peoples lives. Even if its only for 4 years, I will be much more happy about the choices I made. Life is interesting that is for sure, and so many people, myself included look back and wish they could do it all over again. Of course I wish the same, but now I wanna take that learning experience and apply it to my next 12 years. When I turn 40 I want to look back and know that I did something great.

I learned a valuable lesson last week.  It was my birthday 28 21 and I was celebrating with some of my friends at a bar Swanky uptown restaurant.  This is pretty standard for me.  As I was enjoying the evening and hanging out with my friends that came, a guy that I know in passing came up to some of my friends.  I know this person, but I have really never talked to him.  He is one of those guys that when I see him I feel obligated to wave or nod, but that’s it.  Now I should explain that the reason I feel obligated to wave or nod to this person is because I have slept with his roommate, who by the way is a girl.  So I guess in my head sense I slept with his roommate in his house that he owns, I owe the guy a wave or a nod.  Regardless I am shaking it like it’s hot on the dance floor and he approaches my friends and asks them what they are doing here.  They tell him it’s for my birthday and he replies, “Oh that guy? I don’t like him.”   The girls he was speaking with didn’t really know what to say and he eventually just left.  Unbeknownst to me I continued to give him the “Hey…. I had sex in your house with your roommate” nod.

Later in the evening my friends that he had had his adolescent conversation with told me about this.  They said he really wasn’t acting like a dude at all by saying it and it was pretty lame that he said it at all.  I was a little surprised.  I was however excited that whenever he looked at me with his stupid face and smile. I could now just ignore the fact that I saw him and not offer the “banged your roommate” nod.  Another good thing I can take away from this is that I shouldn’t go up to people and tell them who I do and don’t like if I really do not have a reason too.  I don’t think I have done this much, but I have done it before.  This sheds light on it was probably pretty lame when I did it.  Granted I was younger, it’s still a good lesson to learn.  I imagine he doesn’t like me because he knows I slept with his roommate, and his best friend likes her.  Well too bad, she wanted my body and I gave it to her.  Don’t go around making yourself like an idiot because of it.  Another valuable lesson I can take from this is that your friends may very well be your friends, but it doesn’t mean they are not better friends with the person you’re talking crap about.

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